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Programs Overview

Business Acceleration Training


The Financial Advisor Training Institute offers Business Acceleration Training over 14-week track.

This program is for anyone who is already licensed. It is not enough to be licensed to be a successful Financial Advisor. It is paramount you have a deeper understanding and training to be able to truly "do" the business and be successful. This program is designed to accelerate your success by 1 1/2 years.  

This program provides the following online and industry expert instructor-led content:

  • Understanding of the 6 different industry distribution channels
  • What Advisor Protocol is and if it matters
  • Risk Management product application
  • Investment and Advisory product application
  • Risk and portfolio construction
  • Financial Planning process components
  • Activity management, business metrics, and contact management
  • Five tactical prospecting exercises to identify business opportunities
  • Technology vendor presentations
  • Industry professional interviews
  • And much more

Completing this program will not only help you identify your business opportunities and path to financial success but also showcase your potential to firms you may affiliate with.

You will have to apply and be accepted to participate in this program APPLY HERE NOW

If approved, the investment for this program is $8,000. Again this is for individuals who are already licensed and want to accelerate their business growth. If you do need licensing, apply for the FATI Certification program. 

Week # Ongoing Topic Weekly Topic
1 Business Development Financial Services Industry
2 Business Development Life Ins
3 Business Development Life Ins
4 Business Development Annuities
5 Business Development LTC & Disability Ins
6 Business Development Retirement Plans
7 Business Development Mutual Funds & ETF's
8 Business Development Risk / Portfolio
9 Business Development Advisory
10 Business Development Financial Planning 1st & 2nd
11 Business Development Financial Planning Proposal
12 Business Development Financial Planning Implementation
13 Business Development Activity & Contact Mgmt
14 Business Development Graduation

The State of the Industry

  • Advisor Shortfall by 2020


  • Financial Advisors Age 35 or younger


  • Managed by Financial Advisors at risk (Trillions)


  • GDP at risk (Billions)


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