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Financial Advisor Program Overview

Paying for your Program

Make a wise investment for your future

See what makes FATI worth it

The specialized instruction, one-on-one attention, business acceleration training, and guaranteed job placement upon completion that you receive through the Financial Advisor Training Institute makes this a smart, valuable investment in your professional future.

Your investment

The cost of FATI’s Certification program depends on whether you need sponsorship.

If you already have an agreement with a financial broker/dealer that will ultimately be your employer, you do not need sponsorship. If you need sponsorship, FATI will connect you with a broker/dealer who will sponsor you—and offer you a job when you complete the program and pass your certification exams.

Need help funding your program?

Our enrollment coach can walk you through payment plan options—only make payments when you achieve career success.

What you’re paying for

As a FATI student, you’ll enjoy access to our seasoned experts and industry-best resources designed to prepare you to thrive as a Financial Advisor:

  • Course materials will be mailed directly to you, with additional tools available online.
  • Daily personal instruction from our team of experts
  • Exam prep materials to help increase your confidence heading into these crucial tests.
  • Exam sitting fees for your first attempt. (Depending on the exam, 85–95% of our graduates pass on their first attempt.)
  • Business acceleration training to advance your career by 1 1/2–2 years

Plus, if you can’t attend your scheduled program or do not complete your program, you can retake the program free of charge anytime within one year of paying your enrollment fee.

Virgil Gribbin (313) 547-6838

Jill Moses (313) 547-6832

Text: (313) 362-8595

Personalized support when you need it

Furthering your education is a big decision—one you don’t have to make alone! I’m here to do whatever I can to help you start your classes with confidence. –Virgil Gribbin, FATI Enrollment Coach

“I love the feeling I get from helping people take the necessary steps towards changing their futures through an education.  Hard work is worth the reward and we can take those steps together” - Jill Moses, FATI Enrollment Coach




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