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Dear Financial Advisor, 

The retail Financial Advisor industry is facing many challenges to attract new talent to the industry. The Financial Advisor Training Institute is here to help to insure that the industry attracts new talent and help the industry grow. 

Would you share your story?

  • Tell the world how you got into the industry?
  • Tell us how you've helped your clients during the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • Tell us what value you add to the lives of your clients?
  • Tell us why a person should consider becoming a Financial Advisor?
  • Tell us what channel you're in and why? (Direct/discount, bank, wirehouse, life insurance, or independent)

By submitting a 30-second video, we can raise awareness about the wonderful career we all enjoy and inspire the next generation of Financial Advisors.

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The State of the Industry

  • Advisor Shortfall by 2020


  • Financial Advisors Age 35 or younger


  • Managed by Financial Advisors at risk (Trillions)


  • GDP at risk (Billions)


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