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Why Become a Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor Program Outcomes

Financial Advisor Program Outcomes

Strong Exam Pass Rates, Impeccable Training, a Guaranteed Job: The Financial Advisor Training Institute Prepares You for Your Financial Advisor Career Path

If you’re considering advanced training to pursue a financial advisor career path, you want results.

The Financial Advisor Training Institute is the only online certificate program in the United States that prepares you for entry-level financial advisor jobs in nearly any sector. Our accelerated program curriculum equips you with the knowledge and know-how needed to pass certification exams and pursue financial jobs in as little as 14.

But why entrust the Financial Advisor Training Institute as you consider personal financial advisor jobs? Here are five program outcomes — including a financial advisor salary outlook — that demonstrate why you should pursue personalized training at the Financial Advisor Training Institute.

1. An Immediate Investment in Your Future

At the Financial Advisor Training Institute, our program gives you a strong and immediate return on your investment. Our intensive coursework covers three different topics each chapter. By the end of your nearly 300 hours of class time, you’ll have a greater understanding of:

  • Activity, contact, and prospect management
  • Annuities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), retirement plans, and mutual funds
  • Business acceleration methods
  • Financial services industry best practices
  • Financial planning processes
  • Life insurance, long-term care, and disability insurance
  • Preparation for certification exams and licenses

In as little as 3.5 months, you’ll be well-prepared for a strong career as a Financial Advisor.

2. We Help You Get Into the Field Through Sponsorship

No matter which financial advisor career channel you choose, sponsorship is an important part of the process. In fact, you’ll need a sponsor to be able to take some of your certification and licensure exams.

At the Financial Advisor Training Institute, you don’t have to worry about sponsorship. As a 501(c)3 public charity, the Financial Advisor Training Institute has relationships with more than 50 broker-dealers. When you join our program, we’ll connect you with a financial broker or dealer. They’ll not only sponsor you, but they’ll also offer you a job when you complete our program and pass your professional certification exams. You’ll be on your way toward a rewarding personal financial advisor career sooner than you think.

3. Preparation To Meet and Exceed Industry Standards

Our program prepares you to pass various certification and licensure exams. In fact, we pay for you to take the first sitting of any financial exam. At the Financial Advisor Training Institute, our results are stronger than national averages. Here are a few examples.

  • Life and health insurance licensure exams: Financial Advisor Training Institute graduates also have a 95% first-time pass rate on life and health insurance exams.
  • Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam: Approximately 74% of first-time participants pass this entry-level financial advisor exam, according to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Meanwhile, 90% of Financial Advisor Training Institute graduates pass on the first attempt.
  • Series 7 licensure exam: To sell bonds, futures, individual stocks, options, and packaged securities, you need to pass the Series 7 licensure exam. Financial Advisor Training Institute graduates have a first-time pass rate of 85%, which is higher than the average first-attempt pass rate of 71%, according to FINRA.
  • Series 66 licensure exam: While pass rates vary by state, Financial Advisor Training Institute graduates have an 88% first-time pass rate on the Series 66 licensure exam. Successfully passing this exam will mean you can register as a financial advisor in your home state.

 The Financial Advisor Training Institute has a strong history of helping aspiring professionals pursue financial advisor jobs and a rewarding — and worthwhile — financial advisor career path.

4. Guaranteed Personal Financial Advisor Jobs

Once you complete our program curriculum for financial advisors and pass certification and licensure exams, we guarantee that all our graduates gain personal financial advisor jobs with one of our more than 50 financial brokers and dealers.

When you choose a financial advisor career path, you’re entering a profession with a strong job outlook. Financial advisor jobs are expected to increase 15% over the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why is there such expansive growth in the field, including for entry-level financial advisor jobs?

Moss Adams, a U.S. public accounting firm, has estimated that anticipated retirements will cause a shortfall of financial advisors. Our field expects to see a 1 to 2% decrease in financial advisors each year during the next decade. Now, more than ever, may be the right time to pursue a financial advisor career path.

5. A Strong Financial Advisor Earnings Outlook

Completing the Financial Advisor Training Institute program guarantees financial advisor jobs for all our graduates and unlimited earning potential.

  • In fact, an entry-level financial advisor's income was $89,330 in 2020, according to U.S. News & World Report. For the top 25% in the field, a financial advisor's earnings was more than $150,000 a year. Whether you work under a commission-based or fee-based structure — or a combination of the two — you’ll be entering a field that rewards you for your work and specialized expertise with a favorable financial advisor compensation package.

Ready to Pursue Financial Advisor Jobs? Start at the Financial Advisor Training Institute.

At the Financial Advisor Training Institute, gain the expertise and experience to pursue personal financial advisor jobs and pass certification exams — all in as little as 14 weeks. Learn more about the only online financial advisor certificate program in the United States.

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"I had been thinking of becoming a Financial Advisor for years, FATI gave me the support and structure to make it happen"

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"Starting my new career, my boss is impressed with how much I know about the industry and I'm off to an amazing start business-wise. All I have to do is run the game plan FATI helped me develop"