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Why We Exist

Overview and Insight

Financial Advisor Landscape

Industry Need

  • There will be an estimated shortfall of 200,000 retail Financial Advisors in the US by 2022. [6]
  • 22% of the advisor population is over the age of 60, 33% are between the ages of 50-59. [2]
  • Only 22% of retail Financial Advisors are age 35 and under.[3]
  • 85% of retail customers would rather work with a human Financial Advisor than a robo-advisor. [7]
  • Customers with a financial plan done by a Financial Advisor accumulate nearly 250% more retirement savings than those without. [8]
  • Retirement savers enjoy a median annual return of almost 3% higher than those who did not get advice. [9]

Why Become a Financial Advisor?

  • The career is recession-proof, never get laid off again.
  • Recurring income. Are you in a profession where you start over every year? A Financial Advisor practice on January 1st has income established.
  • Freedom and flexibility in schedule, you choose the structure of your career.
  • Control of future, goals, and results. Unlimited opportunities.
  • Help others achieve Financial Independence.
  • Financial Advisors are active members in their communities, supporting hundreds of charitable organizations with donations and volunteering.
  • Financial Advisors earn on average $110,979 / year, placing them in the top 10% of income earners in most states. [10]

Our Mission

The Financial Advisor Training Institute’s (FATI) mission is to restock a depleting talent pool of qualified Financial Advisors in the United States by creating a consistent learning environment that teaches:

  • Professionalism 
  • High ethical standards
  • Sophisticated investment and insurance knowledge
  • Proper sales and client interaction skills

The Institute will train 250,000 new Financial Advisors over the next 15 years. Our intent is not to save a for-profit industry but rather to keep a profession critical to the financial well-being of the U.S. economy and the American public at large thriving because future generations deserve sound financial advice.

How it Works

Candidates who successfully complete the curriculum will earn their Credentialed Financial Advisor certificate. Benefits consist of secured placement with a high-quality financial firm with a full compensation package if they choose. In some cases, a hiring firm will reimburse the cost of the course fees to the candidate. FATI can also support certificants with career placement services if desired. Candidates going through the FATI curriculum have a survival rate 4x the current industry average. Certificants accelerate earning potential by more than 2½ - 3 years due to education, preparation, and resources provided by FATI.

The curriculum is offered as an accelerated intensive program consisting of weekly business development and acceleration activities, educational topics, as well as all licensure needed to practice. These licenses include respective State Life & Health, SIE, Series 7, and Series 66 licenses and exams. Those earning certification are positioned to be sustainable and viable contributors and/or owners to the profession.

Three types of candidates enroll in the FATI program.  Those who need sponsorship to become fully registered and appointed with a broker/dealer immediately, those who do not need sponsorship as they are sponsored by another broker/dealer who will ultimately be their employer. Finally, those who do not need licensure or sponsorship but desire business development tools and training for their professional growth. Program fees may be offset by grants provided as (FATI) is a 501(c)3 non-profit public charity and receives industry donations. Additionally, financing options are available.

The program is intensive but heavily structured to prepare candidates for their future and fulfill the mission of FATI. In the event a candidate is unable to attend their scheduled program, after their enrollment fee has been submitted, or should a candidate not complete or earn certification, the candidate will be able to attend any other program session within one year of the enrollment fee received date free of charge or after full enrollment fees have been paid.