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Stat Sheet

Why We Exist

Stat Sheet

The Stats

Proving the Value of Financial Advisors

The industry and profession you enjoy is under heavy pressure and at risk of extinction. The value the Financial Advising profession provides to the American public is undeniable—here is the landscape we are so passionate about.

  • The Financial Advisor industry headcount is declining 1-2% annually and has since the peak in 1989. [1]
  • 22% of the advisor population is over the age of 60, 33% are between the ages of 50-59. [2]
  • Only 22% of retail Financial Advisors are age 35 and under. [3]
  • The average age of a retail Financial Advisor in the US is 51 years of age. [4]
  • 43% are over the age of 55 while 1/3 plan to retire in the next 10 years. [5]
  • There will be an estimated shortfall of 200,000 retail Financial Advisors in the US by 2022. [6]
  • 85% of retail customers would rather work with a human Financial Advisor than a robo-advisor. [7]
  • Customers with a financial plan done by a Financial Advisor accumulate nearly 250% more retirement savings than those without. [8]
  • Retirement savers enjoy a median annual return almost 3% higher than those who did not get advice. [9]
  • Financial Advisor contribute more than $81 billion in GDP. [10]
  • Financial Advisors average $110,979 in annual income, placing themselves in the 10% of income earners in most states. [11]
  • Financial Advisors are active members in their communities, supporting hundreds of charitable organizations with donations, volunteering, and financial literacy.
  • Assets under management of Financial Advisors is $145 trillion dollars. [12]